Releasing balloons has become a popular way to honour and celebrate the life of a loved one who’s passed away.

As your grip loosens on the string, it can release some of the sadness that accompanies loss and watching it rise gracefully into the sky and seemingly disappear, seems a fitting way to farewell your loved one.

However, the Queensland Government recently launched a campaign to remind Queenslanders that it’s an offence to release balloons outdoors, whether intentionally, or by accident.

It might seem like a mean-spirited rule, but it’s all about protecting wildlife and the environment.

So, if you had been considering releasing balloons into the sky during a funeral service, here are some alternatives:

Blowing bubbles can offer the same feeling of release and it’s a great way to get children involved in the service.

Rather than releasing balloons, plant a seed. Give each guest a seed that will grow into your loved one’s favourite flower, plant or tree, that they can then plant in their own garden and be reminded of your loved one when it blooms.

Release butterflies! A new trend that’s gaining momentum is releasing native Australian butterflies to celebrate life. They fill the sky with colour and create a symbolic gesture.

However you choose to honour your loved one, we can help you arrange a memorable service with care and compassion.