It’s been a dramatic start to the new year for the funeral industry, with revelations that a Rockhampton Funeral Company has angered a local family when they allegedly swapped their Grandmother’s expensive coffin for a cheap pine box.

It has led to claims from former funeral employees that ‘ripping off the grieving is part of the culture.’

We can’t speak on behalf of the funeral industry as a whole, but we can assure every family who
arranges a funeral with Sovereign Funerals that we operate with absolute integrity, compassion and

What sets Sovereign Funerals apart from other funeral companies is that we are ‘not-for-profit.’ That
means every cent of profit (after our costs) goes toward supporting local and international community
projects that help people in need. Sovereign Funerals only enriches the lives of people in need, not
shareholders or owners.

Because we’re not motivated by profit, we will never pressure you into purchasing a more expensive
coffin, or anything else you don’t need. And we would certainly NEVER switch coffins.

It can be difficult to make decisions during this time, and our professional, caring team are here to guide
you every step of the way, with the care and utmost respect your deceased loved one, you and your family deserve.

Whatever might change in the funeral industry, Sovereign Funerals will continue to offer affordable funerals to Brisbane families, driven by compassion and care.