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Pre-pay for your funeral

Pay for your funeral at today’s prices
so your family won’t pay a cent when the time comes

Sovereign Funerals provide excellent service at an affordable price, but we understand that a funeral can leave families with a significant financial burden during their time of grief.

Many people have invested in funeral insurance to cover the cost. Sadly, it’s not uncommon for the cumulative cost of the insurance premiums to far exceed the cost of the funeral.

Funeral insurance premiums rise as you age, give no protection from inflation and the insurance company can cancel your policy at any time.

That’s why we encourage you to prepay your funeral with Sovereign Funerals. We offer peace of mind and security for your future. Once you’ve selected and paid for the options you want, there’s no more to pay on those options, no matter how long you live.

And you pay for your funeral at today’s prices, so no matter how much funeral prices increase, your family won’t have to pay a cent more when the time comes.

Prepaying a funeral service for yourself or a dependent has a lot of benefits:

  • Pay today’s price for a funeral, no matter how many happy, healthy years you have ahead of you.

  • Once paid in full, there’s no more to pay.

  • Make decisions about your own funeral in your own time.

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order.

  • You’ll relieve your loved ones of a financial burden.

  • A pre-paid funeral won’t affect your pension or other entitlements.

We’re here to help

To find out more about pre-planning or pre-paying your funeral please contact us or call us on (07) 3204 4287.

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