When Anna’s mother passed away unexpectedly, her grief was immense. And not only was she left dealing with her own grief, but also the list of questions surrounding her funeral and burial needs.

Anna was overwhelmed with relief when she opened her mother’s filing cabinet to find, along with her mother’s Will, the details of her prepaid funeral. It was like a final gift from her mother, relieving some of the stress as well as the financial burden of paying for her funeral.

We often hear stories like this from family members of those who have arranged and/or prepaid their funeral with Sovereign Funerals.

Research published at news.com.au has revealed that only 10% of Australians reported that their loved one’s funeral had been prepaid, and this relieved stress during a difficult time.

Also reported in the article is that prepaying a funeral at today’s prices, means you won’t be affected by inevitable funeral price rises in the future, meaning costs could be more than halved for a funeral in the long run. Because once a funeral is paid for, there’s no more to pay, regardless of changes to funeral prices in the future.

It’s not something people like to talk about, especially with their loved ones, but if you do decide to prepay your funeral, ensure your family knows about it. Either tell them in advance, or keep the paper work, together with your Will, in a secure, easy-to-find place for your family.

Why prepay your funeral with Sovereign Funerals?

Not only will you be making life a little bit easier for your family during a difficult time, but your final gift will also impact the lives of people in our community and abroad because 100% of our profits go toward local and international projects that assist people in need, through our registered charitable foundation, Interseed. That’s how we’re ‘helping the world they left behind.’

If you’d like to chat with us about prepaying and/or pre-arranging your funeral, please get in touch