The death of a loved one can occur unexpectedly, especially when it’s under tragic circumstances. And the cost of a funeral can add to the stress during this difficult time.

If they have pre-paid their funeral, this can relieve the financial strain.

But what happens if you can’t afford to pay for an unexpected funeral?

You may consider cremation, followed by a low-key memorial service. It’s more affordable than a burial because it means you don’t need to purchase a plot in a cemetery. And there are a number of creative ways you can store or distribute the ashes to honour your loved one.

Our Funeral Packages are affordable and we will talk to you about tailoring an option that suits your budget.

If you’re still unable to pay for a funeral, you may be eligible for Funeral Assistance. Contact your local Magistrate’s Court or the Coroners Court of Queensland.

You’ll need to supply details of the financial situation of the deceased person and their spouse, or parents if they’re a child.

We’re here to help so please give us a call if you have any questions about our funeral packages.