Sovereign Funerals is a not-for-profit funeral company. That means all profits (after expenses) go towards supporting community projects locally and around the world.

One of the projects supported by Sovereign Funerals is a Leisure and Lifestyle program at Wamuran Park Home – a mental health accommodation facility.

The program is co-ordinated and presented by Helen, who has a Diploma of Community Services Case Management/ Mental Health/ Aged Care/Disability and a Diploma of Childcare.

Here’s a list of the programs Helen has in place for the residents:

  • Walking Group – physical activities, gets them up and moving
  • Clay work/craft – motor skills
  • Games/pool/table tennis- motor skills and physical activity
  • Discussions/ one on one time- reminiscing and memory
  • Music group – team work, motor skills, physical activity
  • Gardening – sense of achievement, nurturing, physical activity
  • Cooking – hand eye coordination, motor skills, physical activity, team work
  • Loom weaving- motor skills, hand eye coordination, physical activity

Upcoming activities:

  • Audio books – for our sight challenged residents and those that cannot read
  • Mother’s Day cards and paper flowers
  • Exercise obstacles – physical fitness
  • Knitting – hand eye coordination and motor skills