When you arrange a funeral with Sovereign Funerals, every dollar of profit (after covering costs) goes toward support local and international community projects.

The latest project supported by Sovereign Funerals is The Moreton Bay Crisis Caravan Initiative.

In the Moreton Bay area, there’s currently no crisis accommodation available for families needing to stay together. The Crisis Caravan Initiative will provide short term accommodation to help individuals and families make a successful move into more permanent accommodation.

The Crisis Caravan Initiative will be delivered in partnership with Encircle (Pine Rivers/Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centre) who will be responsible for screening people and families in need. Encircle will also ensure that clients using the caravan will be adhering to the memorandum of understanding that will include: being signed up with job network, contact with Centrelink and accessing counselling etc. Rivers Church of Christ will ensure that clients using the caravans will be informed of where they can get food hampers, social inclusion and how they access a pastor or community chaplain if required.

The Crisis Caravan will be available for use by July 2018.

You can find out more about the projects supported by Sovereign Funerals here.