On behalf of the team at Sovereign Funerals, I would like to advise you of what we are doing to ensure your health and the health of our staff remains a priority during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Firstly, I want to reassure you that we are OPEN and will stay open to assist you with all essential funeral arrangements. We remain available to you 24 hours a day. During these uncertain times, we are committed to providing our caring and compassionate services to you and your family in your time of need. We will work with you to provide the best possible outcome for the farewell of your loved one.

We continue to take advice and strictly adhere to guidelines issued by the Australian Government Department of Health and the Australian Funeral Directors Association. Please be reassured that:

  • We have implemented all the recommended key preventative measures
  • All staff have been briefed and will always strictly adhere to recommended Personal Protective Equipment guidelines (e.g. gloves, face masks and the like).
  • Staff will be monitored, and should they show any symptoms of Coronavirus, they will be required to leave, be tested if required and self-isolate if necessary.

We recommend that you visit www.health.gov.au to stay up to date with information regarding the pandemic.

Our goal is to keep everyone concerned as safe as possible. Therefore, in line with current Government requirements regarding unnecessary travel and social distancing, we offer you the following service:

  1. All funeral arrangements will be made via a phone conversation with one of our caring staff
  2. Any documents that require your signature will be handled via email
  3. Attendees at the funeral service will be restricted to current Government mandated numbers
  4. Live streaming and/or recording of services will be offered to families where available
  5. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the funeral service
  6. Our caring staff will advise attendees of social distancing requirements

These are unprecedented times that naturally cause some level of anxiety and concern. Even in view of the constraints placed upon us we remain committed to doing what we can to alleviate you of some of the stress that naturally follows the loss of a loved one. Our office phone line (07) 3204 4287 remains open 24 hours a day to discuss your funeral needs and to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding arranging a funeral service with Sovereign Funerals.

Kindest regards

Trevor Hooper – Manager.