When it comes to burials, there are a few options to consider. Many people don’t realise they have a choice of burial sites.

Lawn burials

Simple and unimposing, if you’ve ever been to a lawn cemetery, you’ll see what appears to be an open field, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find that instead of traditional headstones, plaques are at ground level, on granite or concrete bases.

Remediated lawn burials

In some cemeteries, lawn grave sites can be remediated. That means a cement beam is added at the end of the grave as a base for the plaque. Floral tributes can be placed on the cement beam, rather than the grass so it’s easier to keep tidy.

Lawn beam burials

As new lawn areas are developed in council cemeteries, lawn beams are being installed. Plaques are set on a desk-style base of granite or concrete, which is placed on a beam of concrete. There’s room for floral tributes on either side of the plaque. A new lawn grave can accommodate up to three burials, ensuring that loved ones can be laid to rest in the same location.

Monumental burials

This is what most people have come to expect from a burial site; Headstones that can be made from granite, concrete, sandstone or marble. The larger space on the headstone allows room for more creative designs and more words of tribute to your loved ones.

Family vaults

Some cemeteries offer the option to families to purchase a burial vault. Vaults are above the ground and constructed of concrete within which the casket is sealed at the time of the burial service. Families can pre-purchase vaults for a single person or even for multiple family members ensuring families can be laid to rest together.

Children’s burials

There is no doubt that the loss of a child is an enormous tragedy. For this reason, many cemeteries have created special, purpose built memorial gardens for children to be laid to rest. Most are beautifully presented, allowing grieving parents to spend time at their child’s memorial in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Service men’s and women’s burials

Some cemeteries have a separate allocated space for former service men and women to be laid to rest among their comrades. These memorial sites are designed to pay tribute to the deceased verteran’s service to their country.

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